Electronic Epidemic

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Bullying Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: May 1, 2013
When one reflects back on their childhood, they should remember running outside through sprinklers on a hot June day, sipping hot chocolate inside on the blizzardy evenings of December with siblings, or cherishing those hilarious family dinner conversations. Now, it seems like children of this decade are diseased with this epidemic of technology. Instead of playing outside, children are inside in a shadowy cold room with their eyes glued to a television with scenes of gory video games of people shooting each other’s heads off. Family dinner talks turn into family members scattered throughout the house entranced in their own little electronic world.

The over-use of technology is creating an impatient society and it is also diminishing once-valued personal interaction with others. More often now these days, people would rather let a machine take a message instead of answering a call; missing the opportunity to have a personal conversation. Like Pavlov's dog, we hear the little text message sound and run to the cellphone salivating. In the 1989 movie “Say Anything” Lloyd doesn’t just pick up his iPhone and send a text saying “hey I wanna b with u” he actually goes to the girl’s house, face to face and shows it, which shows more meaning. Adolescents are becoming more and more emotionless and almost robotic.

Rarely can any single individual be found in my house at any one time without earphones stuffed in the side of their head or gazing into a computer screen. My sister and I can no long simply watch TV together. She will be tweeting simultaneously and spend more time with her eyes super glued onto the phone rather than the TV. It's not what I would call a shared experience. When I get annoyed and tell her to stop, she would take her phone to bed and surf while I will be trying to doze off in the flickering light of her pixels. Technology is slowly becoming a tool of destroying families without us even being aware. “Two decades ago, it was normal for parents...
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