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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Electronic Devices Rule Our World
As each year passes, technology has only gotten to be a bigger part of everyday society; the majority of people rely on it excessively. During the earlier years, people couldn’t easily pick up a phone and send an e-mail to their manager, to notify them they couldn’t attend work today or that they’d be arriving late. However, in this decade, the average person has access to an electronic device that enables them to perform multiple tasks. Those devices could be anything from a television to a cell phone. Electronic technology today simplifies research, affects family life, and is the main source of communication.

Firstly, technology simplifies research due to the virtually unlimited data easily accessible through the internet. With a few strokes of the keys, you can find answers to almost any question. Whether that question is, “How long are you estimated to live after diagnosed with Leukemia?”, “What is the length of summer in Alaska?”, or “Who was the Emperor of Japan during the World War and what was he like?”. New devices and software have been released in the past years that have been capable of doing what you would call, the “unthinkable or impossible”. For instance, Apple just came out with the iPhone 4s on October 4, 2011. The introduction of the iPhone 4s’s voice recognition software makes life even easier now; all you have to do is hold one button and speak into the phone to find what you’re looking for. According to research, one user of the iPhone 4s stated “Using it for the past week, I’ve done everything from getting directions, to sending emails, to sending text messages, to looking up information on Wolfram Alpha, to getting restaurant recommendations on Yelp, to taking notes, to setting reminders, to setting calendar appointments, to setting alarms, to searching the web” (The iPhone 4s). Not only is this handheld device capable of producing answers you’re unsure of, but it also allows for you to access...
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