Electronic Commerce at Air Products Chemical Inc., (1998)

Topics: Electronic Data Interchange, World Wide Web, Electronic commerce Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: January 31, 2012
1. Review the web presence of APCI.
In 1998 Air Products Chemicals Inc. realize that in the highly competitive market of gases and chemicals business and the international growing community of gas business, has faced the crude reality that electronic commerce capability was not a strategic of business, is more like a necessity. Annual surveys has results that the technology officers in the chemical industry indicated a shift in priorities from the building of a corporation intranet infrastructure to enabling the same infrastructure to connect with customers, suppliers, and partners in 1998, creating a benchmark present on the web that will create infinite routs of opportunities. The Chief Information Officers cited computer-supported collaborative work, electronic commerce, and Internet systems as critical technologies in 1998, according to surveys conducted by Computer Sciences Corp. most companies have completed in-house reengineering tasks and are ready to put new systems to work managing whole supply chains. The increasing strategic importance of electronic commerce and provide excellence service to the costumers has call the attention of the senior executives of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., an international corporation with headquarters in Trexlertown, whit multibillion sales during the pass years and is the second gas industry in the USA just behind of Praxair, and was the fourth largest provider in the worldwide market as a result of an strong web-present. Air Products Management Information Systems (MIS) Vice President Joe McMakin and his colleagues recognized the opportunity: they could improve service to customers by automating the buying, selling, and distribution of products, while simultaneously improving productivity and realizing cost savings. Air Product has invested the time and effort to create an outstanding web page and service that will provide excellence service and sales to costumers and revenue to shareholders and...
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