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  • Published: March 3, 2013
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1. Create a preliminary e-business plan to describe the nature and purpose of your business. a. The big picture! What the business will do and how it will succeed. i. Industry analysis – use some data and graphs etc. to describe the industry in which your business will operate (e.g. number of companies, value of sales, growth, product types etc.).

The basic idea of the business is selling secure services. Services will include: fixing computer software and hardware. The nature of selling our services will be both B2B and B2C. We will deal with both personal consumer requests and with company requests. We will succeed by eliminating people’s problems quickly and efficiently by allowing the customers to give as less effort as possible to get their computers fixed. All they will have to do is find our website and write a short description of the problem they are having or give us a call and explain their problem by phone. Our company should become popular and appreciated by people because we will be offering quick and reliable services and since computers are becoming a really important part in people’s everyday life, our company should thrive in the foreseen future.

The industry our business will operate in is not very crowded although it is quite competitive. There are number of companies based in Bradford that are offering similar repairing services of PC’s and other electronic devices, but non of them seems to be particularly spanking, and non of them have a website offering online consultation and online solutions to customer software problems. As well as some of them don’t even have their own website. So based on the research I carried out, I decided that my company will be based in Bradford. Depending on level of success we could be expanding to other regions or even resettling to London.

b. Mission statement – including a brief justification and explanation about why this statement is important in relationship to the industry you are to operate in. (What you are going to do).

Our mission statement is to be number one computer software and hardware fixing company in Bradford and to be known as the most reliable company who always satisfies its customers. It is really important to achieve this goal because market share is what will bring our company profit. The more people buying our services, means having more recognition and being able to expand faster. We have to be better than our competitors; we have to offer better, faster and more valuable services.

c. Business goals – actions to be taken and tasks to be completed. (How you intend to carry out your mission statement).

Firstly, we need to settle into an office. For a start we will be using a private rented house, where we will keep all the equipment necessary to carry out our services. Secondly, we will be creating online website. It is going to be quite complex website

d. Business model – the business model you propose to use to make money. This is quite complex and needs some thought and research. It includes a number of elements but in summary, it should describe where you are in the value chain. Examples of a business model are: direct marketing, intermediary, service provider, virtual community, consolidator of service (see page 65-66 of the course text). Include: ii. A description of product(s) and services

iii. A description of the supply chain
iv. A description of the revenue model
v. Value proposition – why should customers buy your product or use your service? How what you offer fulfils the needs of the customer. Some examples are in the course book but you would be expected to be original in what you describe. e. Conclusion and future work

f. References

Our business model: service provider. Only thing we will be offering our customers is service. We will not be selling any computers or computer parts.
Description of our services: fixing...
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