Electronic Business

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Electronic business. Retrieved from
This article will help student to learn more about the e-business. Also the classification of the provider and the consumer, the electronic business security. The common security systems for the electronic business and the security solutions.

What is e-business?. Retrieved from
This article will help students to know about more about how to handle your electronic business and for them to know about the advantages of having an electronic business.

Hamlette, C. (n. d). Traditional business vs. e-business. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/traditional-business-vs-ebusiness-12563.html This article will the students to know the advantages of e-business and also for traditional business. The disadvantages of both because of the legalities and the expenses.

Salim, L. (March 12, 2008). All about e-business. Retrieved from http://electronicbizniz.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/how-does-e-business-differ-from-traditional-business/ This article will help the students to know the difference of electronic business and traditionalBusiness. The article explains how they differ in many areas.

Davies, Paul B. (2004). E-business. Printed and bounded in China. This book will help students to have an overview of the phenomenon of e- business. The book covers the key business and technical issues associated with the electronic business and electronic commerce. The book also provides some structured understanding of the apparent chaos that is modern e- business. Reynolds, J. (2010). E- business: A management perspective.

Oxford: Oxford university press
This book will help the students to know the nature and scope of e- business technologies and the brief history of their development and implementation. To have a review to the environmental drivers facilitating and constraining the application and growth of e- business...
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