Electronic and Paper Dictionaries

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Electronic and Paper Dictionaries

Being able to make the most of a dictionary requires a comprehensive training. Students should be familiarized with different kinds of dictionaries in the market as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Collecting data pertaining to the form of an electronic dictionary or paper dictionary is a remarkably hard task. Before the advent of electronic science and the development of electronic dictionaries, traditional paper dictionaries were prevailing. Features like shape, size and quality were different but application policies were the same.

To name some of the specifications of paper dictionaries, reference can be made to advantages of paper dictionaries (P-D). first of all , they are easy to browse; you just flip the papers alphabetically and look the word up. They are easy to buy; cheaper than some usual book. They are easy to replicate in different size and word volumes. They are easy to use; all you require is the power of vision and knowledge of the order of alphabet. Concise ones are durable; you can put them in your backpack and carry them everywhere with yourself. Also You can touch them, write on them, and when we pay for them we acquire something very tangible in return.

These features coerce proponents to keep using paper dictionaries . in contrast there is some of disadvantages of paper dictionaries (P-D). Abridged paper dictionaries are not comprehensive. Comprehensive ones are bulky , and bulky ones tear off easily. The weight makes them difficult to handle, and difficult to make them more than bilingual. In addition of context is expensive. The users must know the exact spelling to refer to. After publication, a paper dictionary becomes dated whereas the concerned language is ever evolving. The size restriction hampers the coverage. Working on two models at a time is difficult , and Working with bilingual is also time-consuming for translators.

Electronic dictionaries (E-D) do not...
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