Electron Arragement

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Electron Arrangement
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to write electron configurations, orbital filling diagrams, and electron-dot diagram for ten elements. Hypothesis:If the amount of electron is know them the configuration of the element is know. Equipment:Paper, Pencils

Procedure:(IV) Independent Variable - Configuration of electron
(DV) Dependent Variable – Multiple Energy Level
(CM) Control Method – S,P,D,F Orbital
(CMI/C)Constant - S,P,D,F Orbital
1. Prepare a table for this exercise as directed in the analysis.
2. Write electron configuration, orbital filling diagrams, and electron dot diagrams for the following element.
a. Baronb. Siliconc. Sulfur d. Calcium
e. Arsenicf. Iodineg. Rubidimh. Chromium
h. Chromiuni.Galliumj. Platinum
1. The outer-most electron is the only one included in the orbital filling diagram and the electron dot diagram because it show how the electron will interact with other element. 2.The arrow in the orbital filling diagram is the show the spin on the electron. 3. 2

4. Nitrogen, Phosphorus
5. Zirconium
Part A:In this lab we were trying to write electron configuration. We were allowed to apply the knowledge that we have learned. We also learn how to figure out the spin of a electron. Part B: The method that we use to figure out the electron configuration is still in use. Therefore we can deduct that the method is accurate to our current knowledge on the electron. The spin method is call diagram filling chart that tells us the spin of an electron. Part C: It is conclude from our lab that electron in any element follow a s, d, p, or f orbital. Our hypothesis was correct, we found the configuration of any element by have only its atomic number. The configuration that we figured out is accepted among the scientist of the world now therefore we can conclude that we have master this method of configuration to the best of our world and the scientific...
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