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Travis Human

1. A Process of Writing
A. Generating Ideas:
- One of the first points in writing would be to find a topic that you want to write about. Then figure out what you are going to say about the topic, which could often be one of the most difficult points in writing. ·Discovering What to Write About - When you are trying to think of what to write about you may end up getting ideas while doing just everyday activities such as; watching television or talking with friends. ·Discovering Material - In order to come up with ideas of what to write about on a specific topic you will need to find information, reports, and facts about it. You may need to talk with other people to get information about it or do some research on the internet.

B. Planning, Drafting, and Developing:
- In this section of writing you will plan out your paper, write your rough draft, and then develop your ideas further on. ·Planning - Once you have figured out what you are writing about you will then plan out your paper by going through and figuring out what the most important and interesting things are to write about. ·Drafting - While writing the draft just remember to always write down all ideas that you come up with because if you don’t you may forget them later on. ·Developing - While developing always include example of things, explanations of ideas, and if there are things that may be difficult to understand. You may also want to define what it means.

C. Revising and Editing:
- In this section of revising and editing the most difficult parts are over with. ·Revising - When you revise a paper you are looking over the work you have done and making changes so that you have the paper the way it should be. Also, when revising a paper if you put it away for a little while and go back to it later you may end up with better ideas or things to write in it. ·Editing - When you edit the paper you will be...
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