Electromagnetic Waves

Topics: Electromagnetic radiation, Light, Electromagnetic spectrum Pages: 4 (922 words) Published: May 19, 2008
Electromagnetic Waves

Although you might not know it you’re constantly surrounded by thousands of electromagnetic waves every day. Sunlight and x-rays are only two types of electromagnetic waves, other types are: radio wave, infrared rays, ultra-violet rays and gamma rays

Nature of an electromagnetic wave

Electric and magnetic fields are not made up of matter. An electromagnetic wave consists of an electric and magnetic field and doesn’t need a medium to exist. They are the regions through which the push or pull of charged particles and magnets is exerted. The magnetic field and an electric field positioned at right angles to each other and to the direction of motion of the wave. Because of this they are transverse waves.

Production and Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves

The source of all electromagnetic waves is charge that is changing direction or speed.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic waves are arranged in order of wavelength and frequency in what is known as the electromagnetic spectrum. It ranges from very long wavelength and low frequency to very short wave length. The amount of energy carried by an electromagnetic wave increases with frequency.

1)Radio Waves: The waves in the electromagnetic spectrum that have lowest frequencies and longest wavelengths are called radio waves. They are produced when charged particles move back and forth in instruments such as a antennas. When radio waves are transmitted, one of the characteristics of the wave can be varied: the amplitude or frequency of the wave. This variation is called modulation. The setting on your radio indicates the type of modulation used to carry the information to your radio: AM means amplitude modulation and FM means frequency modulation. Microwaves: One particular group of radio waves is that of microwaves. Microwaves are the highest frequency radio waves, the wavelengths are only a few centimeter long. Radar: Short wave length microwaves are used in...
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