Electromagnetic Spectrum: Scarcity and Interference

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  • Published : July 21, 2012
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What exactly is the electromagnetic spectrum?
Is a continuous range of wavelengths, which includes gamma rays, ultraviolet waves and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. How does the issue of scarcity and interference relate to the electromagnetic spectrum? The spectrum is considered scarce because of the limited number of frequencies for operation and two parties cannot broadcast on the same frequency in the spectrum. Interference not only can be caused by broadcasters but by natural phenomenons like thunderstorms. Another factor, which can attribute to interference is one known as Intermodulation. This happens when two or more frequencies affect each other’s transmission. What key decision did Congress make in 1927 in regards to the electromagnetic spectrum? In 1927 Congress declared that there could be no private ownership of the airwaves or spectrum; they were now considered public and could only be used with the approval and permission of the government. Who would own the electromagnetic spectrum?

The airwaves were considered publicly owned.
Who would be responsible for allocation of the spectrum and who would it be controlled by? Congress created a five member commission who now had the responsibility for allocation of the spectrum and controlling these allocations. What agency would be responsible for giving out licenses and was it free of charge or was it for a fee? What Congress considered a balanced five member commission which is today know as the Federal Communications Commission had the responsibility for issuing licenses for operating on the spectrum at no charge but only for a period of three years. What were the standards for assessing what broadcasters were “worthy” enough to receive a license? What exactly were these licenses for?

These licenses were issues, allowing you to broadcast on a portion of the spectrum. For use of a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum?
But what does that mean?
It meant that you now had the right to...
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