Electro House Subculture

Topics: House music, Techno, Rave Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: May 9, 2011
Subculture: Electro House Raver
The hallway is dark and all you hear are melodic beats getting steadily louder growing with your anticipation as you walk closer to the entrance. The hallway opens up to a huge warehouse stuffed with ravers. Strobe lights blind you at first but their inviting energy gets you in the mood. Up front is a DJ mixing continuous beats making the floor pulsate. All of your senses are heightened giving everything movement and energy. Electro House is more than just a genre of music. This genre has formed into a subculture because of its enormous following, lifestyle, and roots.

The electro house music lifestyle grabs hold of mostly youth. However race, gender, and socioeconomic status is all ranges. A younger crowd is drawn to this genre because of the fun party scene involved and the care free attitude the genre evokes. The electro house genre became more than just music in the 2000’s. Popular DJ’s became the main draw for clubs. Typically this kind of party is called a rave. A rave describes the atmosphere which is dark, has strobe lights and sometimes accompanied by a projection of images to go along with the music. Ravers are the people who go to raves. This is the person who evokes the house music lifestyle. Typically a raver is young, dresses fashionably, and sometimes likes the drugs ecstasy, cocaine, and or MDMA. Raves can be known for their drug consumption but not all ravers are like this.

An experienced raver usually brings or wears something that glows. If a raver brings glow sticks this allows an opportunity to dance with one in each hand, this is very popular while listening to electro house music. The fast paced music allows the ravers to dance rhythmically and can be compared to tribal like movements. In every day slang electro house is called electro. Jargon is also used to describe different kinds of electro house music. A bootleg is a remix made by a DJ who doesn’t have the official legal rights or permission to...
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