Electricity in India

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11 lakh households have no electricity, 85% of rural India uses firewood as fuel TNN Mar 14, 2012, 05.17AM IST

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NEW DELHI: Barely one in every ten households in rural Bihar and two-thirds of houses in the state's urban areas use electricity to light their houses, Census 2011 figures reveal. Just over half of rural India uses electricity as its main source of lighting, an increase of 12% over 2001. If that seems heartening, the data also shows that 43% of rural households still use kerosene to light their houses, implying that the kerosene subsidy may not be as pointless as some would suggest. In urban India , the spread of electricity is more complete , with 93% of households using electricity as their primary source of light.

Electricity Consumption
The Per capita Consumption(kWh) in 2009-10 was as follows:
State| Per capita Consumption(kWh)|
Goa| 2004.77|
Puducherry| 1864.5|
Punjab| 1663.01|
Gujarat| 1558.58|
Haryana| 1491.37|
Delhi| 1447.72|
Chandigarh| 1238.51|
Tamil Nadu| 1210.81|
Himachal Pradesh| 1144.94|
Andhra Pradesh| 1013.74|
Jammu & Kashmir| 968.47|
Rajasthan| 811.12|
Uttar Pradesh| 386.93|
Uttarakhand| 930.41|
Madhya Pradesh| 618.1|
Maharashtra| 1054.1|
Karnataka| 873.05|
Kerala| 536.78|
Lakshadweep| 428.81|
Bihar| 117.48|
Jharkhand| 750.46|
Orissa| 837.55|
West Bengal| 515.08|
Andaman and Nicobar Islands| 506.13|
Sikkim| 845.4|
Assam| 209.2|
Manipur| 207.15|
Meghalaya| 613.36|
Nagaland| 242.39|
Tripura| 223.78|
Arunachal Pradesh| 503.27|
Mizoram| 429.31|

Electricity sector capacity and availability in India (excludes effect of blackouts / power-shedding) Item Value Date reported Reference Total installed capacity (GW) 201.64
Available base load supply (MU) 837374
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