Electricity Crisis in Bangladesh

Topics: Energy development, Nuclear power, Electricity generation Pages: 9 (2533 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Bangladesh is a densely populated country. Only a small part of her area is electrified which covers around 18% of total population. The people who are in the electrified area are suffering from severe load shedding. A systematic load management procedure related to demand side may improve the situation. The major objectives served by this article are to analyze contemporary electricity status with a view to drawing inference about demand supply gap and extracting benefits from load management. Data supplied by the Bangladesh Power Development Board and World Bank are analyzed. Analysis discloses that with properly managed uses of electricity with load switch and rotational week-end can improve the concurrent condition of electricity. Moreover, introducing smart distribution system, reducing system loss, shifting load to off-peak, large scale use of prepaid meter, observing energy week and using energy efficient home and office appliance are recommended to improve load situation through demand side management. Some other recommendations such as introducing alternative energy, public private partnership (ppp) and using renewable energy development and producing energy locally are made for load management from the supply side. Keywords: Load Management, Electricity, Load Switch, PPP, Energy Crisis Introduction

Bangladesh is a country endowed with huge natural resources. There are lots of sources of energy from the nature. Electricity is a type of converted energy from another form of energy. According to Global Energy Network Institute, Bangladesh has small reserves of oil and coal, but potentially very large natural gas resources. Commercial energy consumption is around 71% natural gas, with the remainder almost entirely oil (plus limited amounts of hydropower and coal). Only around 18% of the population (25% in urban areas and 10% in rural areas) has access to electricity, and per capita commercial energy consumption is among the lowest in the world. The rest of the total population in Bangladesh is still in the dark. Bangladesh's per capita electricity generation of 182 kWh p.a. is still among the lowest in the world. (Power cell, 2012). A large number of populations of Bangladesh are still leading their life in the dark. Over 80% of people depend on traditional energy sources such as firewood, cow dung and agricultural residues for their energy needs (WEC, 2001). In the year 2008, the amount of electricity production of Bangladesh was 34957000000 .At the present production level of electricity, only proper management of its distribution and load may assure better consumer satisfaction through reduced load shedding. Status of Electricity in Bangladesh

Electricity sector in Bangladesh is now in a sickbed. People are suffering much due to load shedding in every alternative hour. Reliable and efficient electricity is now a ―Golden deer to residential and commercial users. It is true that no noticeable achievement in this sector is found since liberation. Bangladesh took this time to reach a power generation capacity of 3800MW-4000MW. People are hearing day to day new energy generation plant is coming but yet there are no strategic plans to effectively deliver huge amount of new generation electricity to consumers. Bangladesh fails to make any visible progress on installation of nuclear power plants since signing of a protocol deal with Russia on October 21, 2009 on cooperation for peaceful use of nuclear energy. At present over 80% Bangladesh‘s power plant are run by natural gas and the remaining 20% by hydro, coal and liquid fuel. But recently a panic situation was observed among gas sector. It is unfortunate that as a nation we have not been able to resolve this problem even after thirty nine years of our independence. The country faces the gas shortage of 300 million cubic feet per day. Three fertilizer plants and Raujan power plant, Sikalbaha 56 MW gas turbine and 60MW thermal power plant cannot be run in...
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