Electricity and Load Shedding

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Electricity is in short supply in Pakistan, and as a result electric load shedding, break downs, power outages, fluctuations, blackouts etc are a common feature in the country. Whether it is summer or winter, load shedding is there. Some times it is scheduled, while or other occasions it is totally unscheduled.. It can be confidently said that the electric supply has never been reliable at any time in Pakistan.

Factors of load shedding:

There are many factors behind electric load shedding in Pakistan. These factors include shortage in river waters, over population, new connections, electric supply to villages, low generation of electricity, fewer dams, power theft, line losses etc. Then load shedding is the result of corruption, inefficiency, mismanagement and defective planning in KESC besides incomplete projects, misuse of available resources, no generation from atomic and solar energy, lack of consensus and the apathy of the government contribute to load shedding.

Load shedding is a great curse. It brings untold misery to people belonging to all walks of life weather they are students, patients, businessman, industrialists, farmers, laborers, mechanics, house wives etc. It brings all economic, Agricultural and industrial progress to a standstill. The fluctuation plays havoc with the electric equipments like refrigerators, VCRs, Televisions, and Computers etc. The foreign investors shun investing money in different fields due to load shedding starts a long episode of helplessness and frustration.When the supplying company receives more demand for electrical power than its generating or transmission or installed capacity can deliver, the company has to resort to rationing of the available electricity to its customers. This act is called load shedding.

Load shedding can also be referred to as Demand Side Management or Load Management


Demand Controller devices are used to shed loads when a pre-set Kw reading has been reached.

These devices are tied in to circuits supplying electric heat, stoves, dryers, hot tubs--anything that tends to use a lot of power. When set properly, Demand Controllers can be very effective at reducing your energy bill.


This question may be referring to the kind of load shedding which often occurs in places where the total electrical power load which can be taken by consumers greatly exceeds the available amount of energy which can be generated by the local power station or national network of power stations. This is a situation which is common in many developing countries. As soon as total power demanded exceeds a certain percentage - usually 98% - of the maximum possible power that can be generated, parts of the distribution network have to be disconnected. Such disconnections are known as "load shedding".

If loadshedding was not done the generating equipment's overload breakers would automatically shut down the whole power station to protect its alternators (electrical generators) from very severe damage. Such damage would be extremely expensive to repair and would take a lot of time to do.

So in practice, to keep the power stations running 24/7 under such conditions, loadshedding is applied to different parts of the distribution network at various set times throughout a regular "power availability" period of, usually, a week. For example, parts of the network supplying homes and small business offices may only get power for two or three hours at a time every day or every other day, whilst important places - such as hospitals, major factories and, typically, government offices - may get power almost 24/7.


Load shedding, normally used in industrial, large commercial, and utility operations, is monitoring electric usage continuously (usually by automated instrumentation) and shutting down certain pre-arranged electric loads or devices if a certain upper threshold of electric...
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