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What if I were not present from the electricity?

    Also, the universe is literally as we know it, because electricity is the streams of electrons, and without electrons, and vehicles (and therefore the most matter) will exists.     If the electricity (electromagnetic) were not present, the universe does not exist, since the EM forces are an integral part of the model (generally accepted) standard.

I would not get my bathroom for a nice (SOP)

I would not care cause we know how to generate electricity so I would like to create a This

The second ...
What if people do not know how to use electricity?

    We did not know how to use it for more of our history, so I imagine we were back to the community of the mid - 1800, where the steam engines, and we had to read for personal entertainment.     We will not be able to watch TV, go on the computer, talk on the phone.     Reason why we have to play games outside, and use our imagination more than that, as they did in historic times.     And parents will not be able to punish by taking computers or mobile phones because none would be incompatible in any way.     Imagine a shower with cold water or bathrooms, no microwave, no cold drinks in summer; (cars need electricity to run the ignition system and fuel) is not the worst air-conditioning and no cars     One can heat water on the stove (and perhaps wood stove, hot and sweaty, and smoky, why a lot of the old kitchen off the walls from the rest of the house). But does not prohibit the use of natural gas for hot water, or a stove. One can run the refrigerator until the absorption of natural gas or propane, or anything that would be run freon refrigeration compressor run list. With a little imagination one can use solar energy water heater too hot.     Will be transported in steam-driven, driven by animal or human powered. I had a bicycle, and horse-drawn, or you're just walking everywhere I went, and I go for long distances by train. From now will be one...

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