Electrician: Problem Solving and Job Briefing I.

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Job briefing


Hi, my name is Airman Harris. I am assigned to the 649th Combat Logistics Support Squadron. Today, I will be briefing you on my job as an F-16 Electrical and Environmental systems journeyman. I am going to tell you about what my job as an electrician on the flight-line entails. I am also going to tell you about the depot-level side of my job. This briefing will give you all an idea of what I do on a day-to-day basis.


As an Electrician on the F-16, I work on and troubleshoot any component that has to do with wires, which is the majority of the jet. I repair or replace broken or shorted wires, harnesses, and components as they fail. Jets constantly land with problems that sometimes involve extensive troubleshooting. It may take hours, days, or even weeks to determine the problem and fix it. Sometimes a jet will land with multiple problems, thus making it extremely hard to troubleshoot. We normally end up working long hours in order to fix the jets so they can make the next sortie. We work alongside Crew Chiefs, Engines, and Avionics to ensure those jets make it off the ground and come back in one piece. There is also another side to my job, known as the depot-level.

I also perform depot-level maintenance, also known as ABDR, which is Aircraft Battle Damage Repair on the F-16 and A-10. This involves deploying worldwide frequently, and extensive damage repair. I will now list just a couple of our jobs. We go TDY to do a Pack and Crate. This involves removing the wings, tail, and landing gear, to ship the plane back to our home station to repair a lengthy damage. Once the damage repair is complete, the plane gets shipped back to the squadron it belongs to and we go TDY again to put it all back together. Electricians also perform new modifications to the aircraft. We recently went to Las Vegas to add a satellite communications antenna to the A-10. This involved running new wires and coaxes...
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