Electrical System and Equipment Maintenance

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Electrical System and Equipment MaintenanceElectrical System and Equipment Maintenance Introduction

Electricity is the most widely used energy source in the hospitality industry. It is critical for the companies to develop a well-maintained electrical system in order to ensure the smooth operations. Besides, a good electrical system provides high quality of service to the guest and facilitates the staff working environment.

Source of electricity, power distribution systems, control devices and connected equipments are the essential elements of an electrical system. All of the above mentioned components must be probably built and maintained. In other words, a proper maintenance program can act as a preventive measure and a safety procedure.

In this report, we are going to identify and describe how the electrical system in Conrad Hong Kong is designed and implemented. Access and analyse the effectiveness of the electrical system in Conrad Hong Kong will also be included. Recommendations will be added to show the areas of improvement for the electrical system in the hotel.

Conrad Hong Kong is located in Admiralty, a central business district. It towers 61 floors above Pacific Place. It consists of 6 food and beverage outlets, a Grand Ballroom, 11 dedicated function rooms and 513 guestrooms including suites.


Electrical System and Equipment Maintenance
Identification and description of the designed and implemented electrical system in Conrad Hong Kong

The switch room in Conrad Hong Kong is located at the basement under the Lower Lobby. It consists of all the essential tools and components for the distribution of electricity. Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited (HEH), a local utility company delivers the electricity power to the hotel. It provides electricity at a specified voltage with the capacity to deliver a rated amount of current. The maximum current flow for the system is at 2,500 amperes. If the hotel needs to change the size of the electrical wires, a prior approval from Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited will be needed.

The electricity generated will enter into the main building transformer of the hotel. After measuring its capability by the electric meter, it will enter to the main switchboard located in the switch room. Feeders are situated in the area in order to split the electrical supply into appropriate portions to the equipment and building. The hotel has separated the use of electricity in different areas, i.e. the air-conditioning, the guestrooms, the restaurants, the kitchen, the emergency loads and some small building loads. Since the voltage supplied by Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited is not appropriate for all uses, several transformers are installed inside the room for the use of changing voltage of the electrical supply. The main service transformer is owned by Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited. Therefore, the maintenance of the transformer is responsible by the utility company.

For the emergency loads, the hotel has two types of electricity backups in case of a breakdown of its system; they are the emergency generator and the battery backup. An emergency transfer switch connects the normal electrical system and the emergency loads. When the switch has detected an interruption of the utility power, the emergency power source will be activated and transfer the power to the source. The battery backup unit is a standby power supply (SPS) unit. It switches from utility power to battery backup when an interruption has been detected. As it is a momentary power outage, it could only stand for 12-24 hours and be used in several areas. The hotel engineer said that the standby 2

Electrical System and Equipment Maintenance
Identification and description of the designed and implemented electrical system in Conrad Hong Kong (Continued)

power supply is usually used for the stairwells and certain corridors only when there is an electricity breakdown. An on-site engine generator...
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