Electrical Installation

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1.0 Layout Plan and Design 1.1 1.2 2.0 3.0 Location Layout Plan

Electrical Power Distribution Design Details of Design 3.1 3.2 3.3 Load Estimation & Lux Determination Propose & Design Electrical and Power Services Schematic Diagram for DB, SSB, &MSB


Maintenance Strategy 4.1 4.2 Transformer Switch GearandBackup Power System

5.0 6.0 7.0

Conclusion Reference Appendix

1.0 Layout Plan & Design
1.1 Location
Location is an important aspect in electrical design besides determining the market value of a condominium. We have selected Jalan Equine, Taman Equine 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor as the location for the condominium while considering these few factors: Availability of electricity There is supply of electricity by electric ultility TNB as the location is under the distribution network , therefore we can save the trouble of applying for it. Strategic Location Easy Access to shopping complexes (Jaya Jusco, Giant), and PasarBorong Easy Access to major cities such as Puchong, Putrajaya, Kajang and Kuala Lumpur

1.2 Layout Plan
The layout plan is shown in appendix. Basic amenities include 2 elevators, water pump, general lighting and emergency supply system. Facilities include futsal court, basketball court, playground, gym, sauna, multi-purpose hall and covered car parks.

2.0 Electrical Power Distribution Design
The electrical riser room is located at the center of the building, as shown in the layout plan, rising up from ground floor to the 9th floor.The electrical riser is stacked vertically because this would minimize turns and sharp bends that can damage the cables. Riser rooms stacked straight up from the lowest floor to the highest building floor would also minimize the length of the electrical cables required. Minimum cable length can reduce the cost directly. Longer route of an electrical cable run may cause too much voltage drop along its length that may require it to be changed to one or two size larger. In our electrical design, we will be getting LV (400/230 V) supply from a nearby distribution substation (1000kVA), which will be fed directly to Main Switchboard in the condominium.

First Floor to Ninth Floor

Switches & socket outlets

Distribution Boards (in each residential unit)

Metering Panels (in metering rooms at each floor)

Sub-Switchboards for each floor

Ground Floor Medium Voltage Distribution Medium-Voltage Switchgear Transformer (MV -> LV) Main Switchboard (LV)

Switches & socket outlets

Distribution Boards (For Amenities & Facilities)

Metering Panels

Medium-Voltage Switchgear • Distribution system operator feeds MV in here. Its main task is the safe and efficient power distribution to the transformers. Transformer • Convert MV to the LV required for operating power consumers. Main Switchboards (LV) • Feeds the power to the equipment connected and to safety circuits and general power distribution systems (sub-distribution systems).Protective devices such as circuit breaker and fuses are included in switchboards. Metering Panel • Respective metering panels shall be grouped in dedicated metering room at each floor. Distribution Board

Sub-distribution boards in the form of distribution boards are located on every floor to transmit electricity to power consumers.

3.0 Details of Design
There are 3 major steps for Electrical Services : Load Estimation for DB, SSB, MSB& Lux Determination Propose & Design Electrical and Power Services Schematic Diagram for DB, SSB, &MSB

3.1 Load Estimation & Lux Determination
Lux determination is to ensure illuminances are not excessive and energy management is exercised. Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting puts out almost as much light as a 40-watt incandescent but uses less than 9 watts (Martin 2010 ) and used in this project design. Average lumen method is used with MS Excel and assumes that light is...
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