Electrical Ethic Paper

Topics: Electrical engineering, Electricity, Electricity distribution Pages: 10 (3505 words) Published: March 15, 2013
SEE4012, Section 6, Group 1 Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Abstract- In this few years some of employer complaint towards the awareness of fresh graduate regarding background of electricity in Malaysia. They cannot figure out the company profiles and person in charge for electricity in Malaysia, a few of them do not know about the Electricity Rules and Regulation in Malaysia. A number of engineers does not follow the rules and regulation and hence cause accidents to occur especially on electrical. This report is going to describe on the replacement company of electricity in Malaysia, the Electricity Supply Act 1990 as well as the Electricity Rules and Regulation 1994. Keyword – Electrical Supply Act 1990, Electricity Rules and Regulation, Replacement Company, Case study: DC-10 flight

was became heir to 3 major projects which are the Connaught Bridge Power Station, The Cameron Highlands Hydroelectric Project and The development of a National Grid. 34 power stations with a generation capacity of 39.88 MW, including a steam power station in Bangsar, a hydroelectric power station at Ulu Langat and various diesel affairs were owned by CEB. B. NATIONAL ELECTRICITY BOARD (NEB) In 22 June 1965, CEB was renamed as the National Electricity Board (NEB).When the NEB takes place, the National Grid was the plan in full motion. National Grid is the primary electricity transmission network linking the electricity generation, transmission, distribution and consumption in Malaysia. In the early of 80s, every state in entire peninsular Malaysia was successfully supplied electricity by NEB. C TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD The expansion of NEB was leads to a very high loan from foreign sources and the government 3hich is approximately RM1 billion each with internal borrowings added to another 1 billion. Concurrently, staff wage had also risen significantly. Plus, the new power of International Capital and the emerging trend of Globalization made the challenge even more demanding. Subsequently, Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad announced the government's decision on a policy of privatization. The objectives of the policy of privatization are: i. ii. iii. To relieve the administrative and financial burden of the government. Improve the effectiveness and quality of the public services. Encourage the spread of private entrepreneurship in the public sector

I. INTRODUCTION Electricity in Malaysia starts to appear at the turn of the 20th century. As shown in the historical record, the earliest power generation centre was located at a small mining town in Rawang, Selangor. A great starting of electricity in Malaysia was at the time Loke Yew and ThamboosamyPillai using electric pumps in order to operate their mines in 1984. Private supply for street lighting purposes was extended to Rawang town and the railway stations in Kuala Lumpur received its first electricity supply in 1895. Five year later, the first power station in Malaysia was built in Raub which is known as Sempam Hydoelectric Power Station. II. THE REPLACEMENT COMPANY Since the electricity appears in Malaysia until today, there are three companies that were responsible in dealing the electricity such as generation, transmission, distribution and consumption in Malaysia. The three companies are: A.CENTRAL OF ELECTRICITY BOARD (CEB) As the demand of electricity in Malaysia keeps increasing, CEB was established and came into operation on 1 of September 1949. At that time, CEB


Contribute to the attainment of the goals set for the New Economic Policy (NEP).

On 1 September 1990, Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad officially proclaimed TNB as the heir and successor to NEB. TNB became a private company wholly-owned by the government. At the same day, Tan Sri Dato Haji (Dr) Ani bin Arope was...
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