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Superintendent: Mr. Antonio B. Panaligan

Shift Supervisor: Rodolfo Francisco
Jerome de Torres
Sol Esteban Buhay

Power Plant Assistant: Florencio Padilla
Rodel Alfaro
Arnedo Mendoza

T/G & D/G Tender: Renato Morales
Reynaldo Bautista
Edgardo Escalona


Superintendent: Engr. Simon P. Turno III

Shift Supervisor: Gerry A. Ferrer
Roberto C. Alindugan
Ronilo Edwardo Malabanan

Assistant Supervisors: Ernie Abrenica
Jayarvin Dalangin
Ronaldo Ata

Boilers Control Leadman: Jenny Gonzales
Ferdinand Soller
Wilfredo Ruedas

Steam and Power Generation For
Raw Sugar & Refined Processing

Steam – is an invisible gas generated by adding heat energy to water in boiler. Enough energy must be added to raise the temperature of the water to the boiling point.

How Heat is produced?

In commercial practice, combustion is accomplished by mixing fuel and air at elevated temperature. The air supplies oxygen, which unites chemically with carbon, hydrogen and few minor elements in the fuel to produce heat

Elements of Fire


Boiler – is a closed vessel in which water, under pressure is transformed into steam by application of heat. Commonly it is a constant pressure process.

Fire Tube Boilers – are so named because the products of combustion pass-through tube or flues are surrounded by water.

Water Tube Boilers – is the one in which the products of combustion pass around the tubes containing water.

Advantages of Superheated Steam

* Can be transmitted for long distance with little heat loss. * Condensation is reduced or eliminated
* Contains more heat (energy), hence less steam is required. * Erosion of steam blading is reduced to a minimum because of the limitation of moisture in the steam.

Fuel Loop

* Bagasse Loop
* Bunker Oil Loop

Bagasse Loop – Bagasse as main fuel in the boiler comes naturally from the last mill. Bagasse pass through series of horizontal and inclined (elevators) conveyors until it reaches bagasse feeding station of boilers. Bagasse will drop by gravity to feeders, feeder discharge chute, bagasse distributors and into the furnace.

Bunker Oil Loop – Majority of bagasse fired boilers are equipped with oil firing system. Oil starts from the main oil storage tank and pump to a smaller tank or day tank. From the day tank, oil is delivered to the pumping and heating set for filtering and heating. Filtered oil is pumped to the oil burners at operating temperature and pressure. Operating temperature is 90º and not less than 60 psig. Saturated steam at reduced pressure of 150 psig is used as atomizing steam for the burners and heat source for the steam heater. Electric heater, during start-up is used for oil heating. Circulating oil pump in small sizes is used for heating oil when main oil pump is not in service.

Auxiliaries for Draft Plant

* Forced Draft Fan (FDF)

* Overfire Air Fan (OAF)

* Induced Draft Fan (IDF)

Auxiliaries for Water Plant

* Overhead Condensate Tan or Deaerator

* Deaerator Lift Pump

Boiler Accessories and Trims

The steam boiler consists of heating surface and shell of drums. These are enclosed in a setting. Then the trim is added, this consisting of valves and piping essential to the safe operation of the boiler.

The Minimum Trim of a Boiler

* Feedwater Stop Valve and Check Valve
* Blow Off Valves (Water)
* Safety Valves
* Water Column with Gauge Glass, High and Low Water Alarm * Steam Stop Valve and Check Valve
* Steam Vent
* Steam Pressure Gauge with Siphon, Cock and inspector’s test Cock * Various Special Openings in accordance with purchaser’s requirements, for the accommodation of feedwater control elements, regent feed, water sampling, etc.

Heat Recovery Equipments (Installed in the Boiler)

* Economizer – is a heat exchanger located in the gas...
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