Electrical Conductivity of Electrolytes and Non – Electrolytes

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The electrical conductivity of electrolytes and non-electrolytes activity demonstrated the physical propertiesand the conductivity of some solution. Electrical conductivity apparatusare dipped into a liquid in a beaker. Whenthe liquid contains significant concentrations of ions, the ions more between the electrodes to complete the circuit(which includes a light bulb).Tapwater and distilled water are examples of non-electrolytes. A solution of a weakelectrolytes, acetic acid (CH3COOH), 5% sucrose solution; it contains low concentrations of ions and so the bulbglows dimly. A solution of a strong electrolyte, HCL, NaOH, NH4CL, NaC, conc.H2SO4; it contains a highconcentration of ions and so the bulb glows brightly.


Substances that dissolve in water are either nonelectrolytes or electrolytes. Non-electrolytes are substances that do not form ions and are electrically non-conducting in solution. A common example is table sugar (sucrose) which dissolves in water as shown in Equation 1. Electrolytes are substances, such as NaCl and HCl, which form ions and give electrically conducting solutions, as shown in Equations 2 and 3. Note that when NaCl(s) dissolves in H2O, the ions originally present in the solid become free to move independently through the solution. By contrast, there are no ions in HCl(g), and it is the reaction between the HCl molecules and water that results in formation of ions.

Materials and Method
A 100mL of beaker were filled up to aboput 2/3 full with the following solution: Tap Water95 % C2H5OH1M CH3COOH
Distilled waterSodium chloride crystalsSucrose crystals
12M HCL1M NaCl5% sucrose solution
The electrodes of...
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