Electric Shock Therapy

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Electric Shock Therapy

St George’s University of London Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences

Nurse’s knowledge of and attitude to ECT

Objective was to explore nurse’s knowledge of and attitude to ECT and to find whether knowledge and experience of ECT correlated with more positive attitudes to the treatment

A questionnaire that included 211 Registered nurses working in a London Mental Health. It included knowledge and attitude scales and questions about experience and demography (sub population of ECT users)

The results show that the more of nurses who were close to patients, more years in mental health with a higher grade who had had contact were found with positive attitudes.

Registered nurses had more knowledge and more positive attitudes than the student nurses.

Conclusion was the relationship between attitudes and knowledge is complex. (Complicated, interrelated parts) However, for nurses to provide appropriate support to patients undergoing ECT, they need to gain knowledge and experience of the therapy early in their careers.

Department of Psychiatry Trinity college of Nero science, Ireland

Study shows:

All though in use for 70 years ECT continues to attract controversy and there is considerable doubt that over shadows evidence for its effectiveness

Health Professionals need to be educated about contemporary ECT practice. Patients need to make informed decisions when consenting to ECT.

This process can be influenced by conceived ideas and scientific facts. It is essential that nurses possess sufficient information and be able to care for both the clinical and physiological needs of patients treated with ECT

Department of Physciatry University of Adelaide South Australia

Previous studies that reported Psychiatric Patients and their relative’s feelings and attitudes towards ECT. In this study the perspectives of 70 bipolar patients and their 70 relatives were...
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