Electric Current and Current Flow

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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GRADE: 8th
TEACHER: Mrs. Russo

I. Statement of Purpose and Hypothesis:

Our purpose for this project was to find out what fruits and
vegetables could generate an electric charge. We also wanted
to find out which ones had the greatest and least charge. Our
hypothesis stated that the potato would have the greatest

II. Methodology:

The materials we used for this project were the fruits and
vegetables and an amp meter to measure the current flow in
them. We learned the difference between electrical charge and
conductivity. We measured the electrical charge first and the
conductivity second. First, we looked for current flow in each
of the fruits and vegetables using the micro amp scale on the
meter. Second, we measured resistance in each of the fruits
and vegetables using the ohms scale on the meter. For the
second procedure, we took measurements in the fruit or
vegetable with the probes both close together and far apart,
because we wanted to find out how much the resistance increases
as you move them farther apart. Finally, we graphed and
charted our findings.

III. Analysis of Data:

The fruit or vegetable that had the strongest current flow was
definitely the lemon with 2 micro amps. The least was the red
potato with 0 micro amps. In terms of the resistance measured
in ohms, the potato had the highest resistance rating with the
probes close together...
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