Electric Bill Extimation

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3.0Prototype Design of Proposed System
Software cannot work without data. The necessary next step is to organize the process of gathering, processing and refining them. A concept of how to archive data and store them outside the ‘living’ system must be planned at the start of a project. Legal restrictions – how long data are allowed or required to be stored should be evaluated and complied with. Setting up a database is done in three steps. In the first step the database management system is installed, in the second step structures (tables) that will hold the data and parameters/rules for data computations are generated, and in the third step these tables are filled in with actual values and parameters. The different types of data necessary to start the system are: * data of the taxpayer and of his assessments and payments * tables for parameters that change according to laws and regulations (e.g. rates for employment taxes, assessment levels) * technical tables with parameters that do not change but use permanent demographic or geographical data from cities, regions, municipalities This system is designed as a web based application using PHP and MYSQL. PHP is used for the front end design and MYSQL is used for the backend (database) design. This system can handle problems of new user authentication, new user registration, retrieving of existing users, and also perform tax computation. The computerized tax management information system is organized in modules in line with its basic functions. These include: * Registration of the taxpayer

* Assessment of his/her liabilities, processing of self assessments, verification of information * Debit of those liabilities to his/her account
* Processing of payments
* Identification of defaulters and organization of a systematic collection process * Compilation of reports on revenue
* Preparation of documentation for legal enforcement
* Issuing of taxpayer information letters
Registration of Taxpayers
One of the critical areas is the registration of the taxpayer. In many cases communication data, like telephone numbers, fax connections and email addresses are part of the registration process. Since these details are prone to frequent changes, a convenient way to update such information should be planned. Therefore, changes to registration data that occur frequently should be keyed-in at the front desk, and not as back-office duty. This way, the taxpayer can immediately verify the accuracy of the data by inspecting a print-out. 3.1Input and Output Design

The input design takes care of all data formats that enter into the system (database). The database structure has being designed to accept inputs in the form of date, numeric and character data formats. And the output design takes care of retrieval of the stored information and displaying to the user in a readable format. The major inputs and outputs and major functions of the system are follows: Inputs:

Admin enter his user id and password for login. User enters his user id and password for login. Admin enter user id or date for track the user login information. New users give his completed personnel, address and phone details for registration. Admin gives different kind of user information for search the user data. User gives his user id, hint question, answer for getting the forgotten password. Outputs:

Admin can have his own home page. Users enter their own home page. The user defined data can store in the centralized database. Admin will get the login information of a particular user. The new user’s data will be stored in the centralized database. Admin get the search details of different criteria. User can get his forgot password. User can get the Bill Details Access Control for Data which Require User authentication

The following commands specify access control identifiers and they are typically used to authorize and authenticate the user (command codes...
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