Electric Bike Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Motorized bicycle Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: October 21, 2011
The Product - “SmartBike – Metro”
The SmartBike Metro is a power-on-demand foldable electric bicycle that gives you the choice – pedal power or power on demand acceleration. The lightness and convenience of the SmartBike - Metro make it an ideal companion for urban commuting, where there’s scarce space and heavy traffic. It guarantees you arrive fresh on destination, and it provides you business-class performance in multi-ways, even as an indoor exercise bike! Stylish Outlook

The SmartBike Metro has a fashionable, stylish outlook that fits well with the status-quo of the affluent professionals. When folded, the bike can be carried as a stylish briefcase, in a environmentally-friendly tote, or in an athletic backpack. The SmartrBike can be conveniently carried onto a subway, or taken into office buildings as you walk through the envious crowd. Personalized customization is available through online ordering, and numerous accessories are also available to choose from. SmartConsole

The SmartBike Console is a touch screen tablet PC that not only entails travelling data, personal fitness of biker, but also ensures riding safety of the biker – it automatically detects riding speed and road condition, and it disables touch screen operations when the bike is in motion. Furthermore, the console is compatible with various applications that can be downloaded from internet. Dual Modes – Traveling/Exercising

The SmartBike Metro can travel at a maximum road speed to 15mph and a distance of 40 km under electric power when fully charged. Electric power assistance comes on demand as the bike automatically detects the road inclination. When standing on the charging station, SmartBike - Metro serves as an indoor exercising bike for personal fitness use. There are built-in fitness applications in the SmartConsole, and various other fitness, music, game applications available for downloading. Product Accessories

Accessories from backpacks to biking gears as well as...
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