Electra, a Play by Sophocles

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  • Published : May 5, 2010
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Raquel Regalado
Professor Templeton
10 April 2010
Electra by Sophocles
Freytag Triangle:
Setting/Exposition: The play starts with at Mycenae before the palace of Agamemnon where Pylades, Orestes, and Paedagogous. Inciting Incident: Paedagogous introduce Orestes to his father’s city and urge him to take action for the injustice of his father’s death. Agamemnon being killed already and what has been happening since then. Agamemnon wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus have killed Agamemnon when he came back for war. Electra their daughter has hated her mom for doing this is mourning the death of her father but as well as wanting revenge on her mother and on Aegisthus. Orestes starts to explain his revenge in which Paedagogous is to go the palace and inform people that Orestes was killed in a chariot race while Orestes disguised with Pylades will make an offering to Agamemnon as instructed by Apollo before returning to the Agamemnon palace with an urn supposedly containing Orestes ashes. Meanwhile Electra enters the stage while the others exit and sings a monody of grief which explains her suffering and her mourning of the murder of her dad by her mother and her lover and also calls the gods of the underworld to help her avenge her father death by bringing her brother Orestes back so he can help her avenge her father’s death. The chorus starts to consul Electra on not to waste her life mourning and crying but Electra appreciates it but can’t get away from the memory of her father and the need to avenge his death. They tell her of her sister Chrysothemis and how although is sad she continues with her life and also that there is hope that one day her brother might return. Electra continues on her mourning that she wanders her dead fathers’ hall as a slave and her mother dresses her in rags and feeds her merely. She feels a great urge to condemn her mother’s evil ways. She explains her hatred in seeing Aegisthus wear her father’s robe, standing at her fathering hearth and Electra smuggled Orestes away from the kingdom as a child so he can live a life spared from a life of corruption and evil. She hopes Orestes will come back one day. Chrysothemis, Electra’s younger sister, enters the stage with a funeral offering. She scolds Electra for mourning once again about her father and her own predicament. She knows that there is injustice but thinks Electra should just go with the flow and not show too much sadness, in which Electra gets offended off the bat. But Chrysothemis tells her sister that she should stop her constant mourning and complaining because Aegisthus, who’s away now, plans to imprison Electra in a secluded room. Electra still angered doesn’t care much about the threat. Then she asks her about the libations she has. Chrysothemis explains that Clytemnestra her mother had a asked her to put the libations in Agamemnon grave because she was frightened by a dream. In the dream Agamemnon came back to life and placed his scepter which Aegisthus now has and placed it in the hearth. From which then a branch grew from it with leaves and casted a shadow over all Mycenae. Clytemnestra scared wanted to pacify her murdered husband’s spirit or show respect to him asked Chrysothemis to send him offering. But Electra urged her not to do that but instead to offer Agamemnon a prayer for herself and her brother and sister and to return Orestes to avenge his death, and she agreed to do that. Clytemnestra walks with her servant carrying a garland for a sacrifice, into the stage and is frustrated with Electra’s constant mourning and complaining about her father’s death and that it was a justice murder because Agamemnon killed her daughter, Iphigenia. Clytemnestra lets Electra reply and Electra exclaims that she didn’t kill her father out of revenge but out of lust for Aegisthus. Also that Agamemnon had to kill his daughter because the army goddess was holding the fleet...
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