Electoral College Essay

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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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Electoral College Argumentative Essay

It’s not a new issue in the US, but more recently, the motivation in public discourse to remove the Electoral College has been renewed. Supporters of its removal claim that it does not represent “We the People” because it does not elect presidents on the basis of most gained votes. On the other side, opposition of its removal maintains that it is a system created by the Founding Fathers that ensures stability in the election process because it prevents a non-majority president from being elected. Whatever the opinion, the Electoral College has been a mainstay of the election process since it was written into the US constitution in 1787 upon the compromise between the New Jersey and Virginia plans. But, many argue that it was created based on the issues and needs of 18th century America and that today’s modern society no longer needs it. Analysts suggest that the method by which the electors are determined is unfair and does not accurately arbitrate the power of electors amongst the population. For example, one elector in the state of Wyoming will represent 210,000 citizens this election, yet one elector in the state of California will represent almost 680,000 citizens. It is because of the division of voting power in the Electoral College that votes from the small states have a collective power that can determine elections, a power that gave the election to Republican George Bush, an election that Democrat Al Gore won by 500,000 votes. This meant that over half of the country didn’t want their current president, on the account of Electoral College votes. Nonetheless, the argument that small states should have real power and a voice in the election is very reasonable. But quite contrary to their justification that they should have an “equal” voice; they have an undoubtedly unequal voice, a voice that is proportionally too loud for the majority’s liking. Moreover, there are more imminent and, arguably, more important issues...
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