Electoral College Essay

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Selecting the president of a country is probably one of the most prominent things a citizen of a country should care about. One person, the president, can simply ruin his country or make it better than it has ever been, all during the time of his presidency. So, the process of selecting a president has been put into careful consideration and the government has run the election of the presidency in an “Electoral College” form. Meaning, certain “electors” are appointed to give their votes for a candidate instead of actually making the popular vote of the citizens count. Some may oppose to it, while others want it to stay as how it is. This topic of the electoral college creates controversial discussions because there benefits and non benefits that can apply to the democratic and republican parties.

The electoral college was formed by the founding fathers and is written in the constitution. Currently, the Electoral College consists of 538 members. These numbers are based on the population of each state. If a state has more people, they will receive more electoral college members, in other words, more electors. Most of the time, a state is already known to be either “republican” or “democratic” so their number of electoral college votes that they will give to a certain party is already basically decided. But there are also times that a state will be a “swing state” meaning they aren’t officially a republican state nor a demotcratic sate. Despite the contravery, we still use the electoral college today because it is written in the constitution. To disable the electoral college would mean that it would be an amendment, which will require a hard and long process that half of the people do not want to go through.

Having such a process, is a benefit to the United States. The electoral college gives a set order of things to do and keeps the government organized in a simple way. It prevents citizens from making rash decisions based on what they’ve heard on the media...
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