Election Essay

Topics: United States, Unemployment, Late-2000s recession Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: November 15, 2012
2012 Election

The person that I think that should be the next president of the United States is Mitt Romney. I think he should be president because I think his five point plan would work to get us out of the recession that were in right now. Obama is just going to get us more and deeper into the recession. That is who I think should be the new president.

Romney’s five point plan consist of make 12 million brand new jobs so that the people that are either unemployed or on welfare. It also consists getting us out of the deep recession that were in. another point that he is trying to make is to make independent energy by the New Year 2020. Another point that he will make is the support trade that works for America with means when we trade with other countries that we will make sure that we also make profit on it and make more things in the U.S. and not from other countries. Another point that he is trying to make is to provide Americans with a better skills in schools for the people that are in schools right now so that they are better leaders in the future so that America can be a better and more functional country. Another point he is making for us Americans for the future is to cut the deficit and to reduce the size of the government and then to finally get the national debt under control and help get us out of the hole that were in which is around 16 trillion dollars. His last point he is making for us is to make small businesses better and more powerfully that the main stores that are out there because the small businesses are the job creators and will make 12 million new jobs, but one bad thing about this is that the taxes will have to raise up a little more for the small businesses.

That is who I think should be the next president of the United States because I believe that his five point plan will work because it will make 12 million new jobs and help get the national debt go down and stop it from going up. It will also make more...
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