Eleanor Roosevelt's Life

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Eleanor Roosevelt's Life

Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 in Manhattan, New York. Eleanor was often called "Granny" by her mother because she was very serious. As a child, Eleanor was the "outcast" of the family. Meaning she was the only one without good looks in her family. Her mother, Anna Hall Roosevelt, was a very beautiful and wealthy women. In fact her whole family was very wealthy. When Eleanor was just six her father was sent away to a sanitarium in Virginia to deal with his alcohol abuse problem. Then when Eleanor was seven years old her mother became very ill with headaches. Then her mother, the beautiful Anna Hall died, shortly after Eleanor's brother Elliot Roosevelt caught diphtheria and he too died. A few months later her father, Elliot Roosevelt died also. All these tragic events happened within eighteen months of each other. After all that Eleanor went through she and her brother moved in with her grandmother in her dark and gloomy townhouse in Manhattan. There were no children or anyplace for Eleanor and her baby brother to play.Granny Hall decided to send Eleanor to a boarding school in England just before Eleanor turned fifteen. The school was called Allenswood and was on the edge of London. The school was a private school for girls only. During her time at Allenswood, she earned the respect she never had from her classmates in the United States. She also joined the field hockey team and started to look after her health. Everyday before class she would take a jog and do exercises. Eleanor would also take cold showers for the health of her immune system.

When Eleanor was eighteen she left Allenswood to go back and live with her grandmother Hall. When Eleanor returned to Manhattan ,she had more self confidence and attended formal parties and family events. When Eleanor was nineteen she and her fifth cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt fell in love. For a time they met secretly. then they started to attend parties...
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