Elderly Interview

Topics: Communication, Hygiene, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Elderly Interview
(Setting of interview: age, former occupation, who else is present for interview; physical description of individual, including use of glasses, hearing aides, canes.) Elderly interview taking place in Mohave Valley, AZ at his son’s home. He occupies a bedroom, when he comes to visit. The environment is clean and neat in appearance. Very comfortable environment and no friends or family members are present at this time. There are two family dogs that walk about the home freely. He is enthusiastic to begin the interview, and inhibits a happy and intellectual disposition. Mr. Darmody is a 71 year old man who lives in Palm Springs, CA. He is visits the tri-state area each month to visit family members. He appears alert and oriented, and is enthusiastic as we begin the interview. His hair is naturally gray, healthy texture, and evenly distributed on his head. There are no signs of baldness. Mr. Darmody appears alert. Mr. Darmody’s skin is softly tanned, but has good tone, with few wrinkles for his age. He wears a hearing aid. He states that he has required the use of the hearing aid since he was approximately 55 years old. At this time he is neatly groomed, exhibiting good hygiene and wearing shorts, a T-shirt, socks and shoes. Legs are toned; and Mr. Darmody appears to be physically fit, with good balance, normal gait, and agility. He is able to dress himself and has no problems performing regular hygiene routine daily.

Elderly Interview
Mr. Darmody when asked about his former occupation states, “I am still working, and I contribute my good mental and physical health to it”. Furthermore, he states he has multiple occupations ranging from modeling to bartender and banquet server in Palm Springs, CA, which he has been doing since he was in his early 20’s. (Your relationship to the individual and communication techniques you attempted to use.) I have briefly visited Mr. Darmody while visiting the home for dinner parties,...
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