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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Life Call a medical alarm and protection company advertised True Alert in effort to capture the attention of both the elderly and the sandwich generation. The ad started off with an elderly woman that tells of a time when she was helpless and almost lost her life if it wasn’t for Life Call. With no assistance, she was able to contact help during the most helpless time in her life. This ad intended to bring reassurance to the sandwich generation that they will be contacted immediately following the incident, while at the same time comforting the elderly with the safety that’s available to them in times of trouble. Sadly, this ad clumps all elderly together as a population whose health is deteriorating and are in constant need of 24 hour protection. In actuality, the National Senior Games Association found that “almost 10,000 athletes from many countries competed in more than 800 events, including cycling, swimming, pole vaulting, tennis, and track and field (Benokraitis, 2011,476)”. This research supports that not all aging people are in need of 24hour protection, in fact there are some that are more physically able than the younger generations. “A common stereotype is that older people are stuck in the past and have outdated interests in skills (Benokraitis, 2011, 282)”. The commercial indirectly emphasized that Life Call can help with “just a press of a button” rather than dialing numbers on a “complicated” telephone. The company portrayed the elderly as an incompetent society that lacks the understanding to participate in technological advancements. When in fact, the reason why most elderly people don’t take part in technology is because of the cost. During the ad, the older woman that fell off her walker became anxious and demanding when she called True Care for assistance. This portrayal was stereotypical, displaying the elderly as edgy people that demands all orders to be prompt. The truth is, elderly people are more likely “…to be patient and less critical...
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