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Elder People

By | October 2010
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I think it is wonderful that Philippines could implement such services and programs, which gives benefits and privileges, like discounts in eateries, fares, and other forms of recreation, for Senior Citizens. I know that elder people should be cared by their family members. But in cases where other family members have to go to work, problems may arise, and they are just being under the care of other programs. There should be a facility that is suitable for their needs with the basic needs. Also, these people have already served our country and it’s about time that we return that favor to them. Elder people must be given extra care due to their condition. They are no longer fit to work and their health is deteriorating. The government should pay more attention to the welfare of the Senior Citizens and if possible to increase their benefits. Aside from the government, it is also our responsibility to give the elderly a peaceful life that they deserve. Family members of the elderly should show their affection to the elder member of their family while they are still alive. We should show them how grateful we are for their sacrifices in the past. I know that death truly is unavoidable, so as early as possible, we should say or do what we need to say or do to people who are special to us, because if time comes, and death knocks on their door, it will be a great loss to us all.

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