Elder Abuse in the Latino Community

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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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Article Review: Elder Abuse in the Latino Community
After reading the article, Elder Abuse and Neglect in Latino Families, I have a much better understanding of what elder abuse really means. When I think about the word abuse, the first representation that comes to mind is a violent beating of some sort and not so much mental abuse. This article mainly focuses on the mental abuse that many elderly Latinos go through each day. After reading this article I have a much better understanding of what elder abuse essentially is. I completely agree with the arguments that this article puts forward about elder abuse and to me it makes a lot of sense now how so many elderly individuals are abused.

One of the many arguments mentioned in the article is the lack of recognition of cultural identity differences. The article says “Lack of recognition within family cultural identity differences may lead to emotional neglect, particularly if the cultural needs of the elderly are overlooked or minimized.” Often times when Latino families migrate to the United States, the younger generations start their own separate lives apart from their Latino traditions. In the mean time their elderly parents are at home trying to hold on to their traditional lifestyle. While everyone else is becoming more “Americanized” the elderly still wants to engage in a traditional Latino lifestyle. They have lived their whole life accustom to a certain cultural and they often feel that the people around them are forgetting that culture. The article states that elderly Latinos saw the United States as a “country of opportunities for younger people, but not a place to grow old, because old people are not respected and valued.” I can completely understand how these elderly people feel as if they have been pushed to the back burner. It would make me depressed if I relocated to a new country with my family and all the sudden my kids were so caught up in their own lives that it seemed they had got...