Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Running Head: Elder Abuse In Nursing Homes, The Effect on The Community and Preventive Measures to Decrease Elder Abuse.

Elder Abuse In Nursing Homes, The Effect on The Community And Preventive Measures to Decrease Elder Abuse

Abstract This paper serves to define and identify the various types of elder abuse, the effects of such abuse on the general population, and the impact of abuse on elderly people. Possible solutions to help prevent elder abuse through improved working conditions, adequate staffing, and education on how to identify the various forms of elder abuse will be explored. Personal observation and research may suggest a moral decline in society beginning with the family system seconded by a lenient hiring process of care givers who have not received proper education for elderly care. Having worked in nursing homes gave easier access to personal interviews of employees of various departments and residents along side personal observations in the nursing home environment. Other methods of research that will be used for this paper will be from various sources such as scholarly journals, books, and websites of reputable reputation. Introduction

Elder abuse is the least reported type of abuse in comparison to cases of abuse to women and children; with the increase of the geriatric population, elder abuse is becoming widespread in the US. (Meeks – Sjostrom, 2004) Physical, mental, sexual, financial abuse, and neglect are five main forms that may happen in isolation of each other or simultaneously. (Wang, et al. 2009) Mental, financial abuse, and, neglect are subtle forms of abuse that are not as easily detected; therefore, these forms of abuse can be harder to prove and may go undetected for the...
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