Elder Abuse

Topics: New Deal, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Great Depression Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: March 18, 2013
President Hoover and Roosevelt’s Actions During the Great Depression

The Great Depression was an unfortunate American Crisis in the 1930s that left many American people with no money and no hope. Citizens had lost their confidence and needed a leader to rebuild people’s faith in America. While in office President Hoover and Roosevelt were challenged with the jobs to lead Americans out this tragedy. Both men took a unique approach into solving the Depression. President Hoover and Roosevelt both exhibited similarities as they served in office during the American Crisis of the Great Depression, however Roosevelt put more of an effort into creating programs in order to help save the American economy. The two presidents’ took similar actions into finding a solution for the depression. Both presidents started public works programs in order to create more jobs. President Hoover started the construction of Boulder Dam, which later became known as Hoover Dam. President Roosevelt started the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a program that provided jobs as well as built dams and power stations to provide hydroelectric power to the Tennessee River Valley. TVA also provided seven states with flood control, set up schools and health centers. Both Presidents’ also provided help for farmers. President Hoover passed the Agricultural Marketing Act, which gave farmers loans and had the government buy a surplus of crops. President Roosevelt was involved in the Agricultural Adjustment Act, which paid farmers to produce fewer crops. President Roosevelt was also a part of the Farm Credit Administration, which provided low-interest loans to farmers. Another similarity would be that neither Hoover or Roosevelt successfully ended the Great Depression. With their never-ending optimism they helped Americans during these tough times. They led America to the best of their abilities and will always be remembered. However, there were many differences in President Hoover and Roosevelt’s...
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