Topics: El Bulli, Ferran Adrià, Food Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Brief introduction of Elbulli:
elBulli was a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Spain, run by chef Ferran Adrià. This small restaurant was described as "the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet”. It was selected to be the Number One restaurant by “Restaurant Magazine” on its top 50 list of the world's best restaurants for a record five times—in 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Major issues faced by Elbulli:

In spring 2008, Chef Ferran Adria has been thinking of the future for Elbulli as it had been operated at a loss since 2000, with operating profits only coming from elBulli-related projects such as book publishing business and consulting projects by Adria. For Chef Adria, creativity comes first, then comes the customer, that is why he is not raising price for elbulli dishes, and insisting on maintain high level of creativity in his food. But as a restaurant business, it has to make profit to survive. What should elbulli team to do to keep the restaurant operating and also maintain the high creativity and quality of the food? Analysis of Elbulli’s situation :

Let us look at the factors which made elbulli the best restaurant in the world: undoubtedly the food itself is the most important factor for a restaurant to be successful, but “successful” is not enough to describe elBulli’s reputation. Their creative recipes and innovative way of cooking all drive customer’s expectation to beyond the limit of their imagination. Another important factor which made elbulli the best is its creation of “once in a life time dining experiences for Customers” which cannot be replicated from other restaurant. All patrons of elbulli were carefully guided through their experience with a series of stops before getting to the main dining room, and Adria himself would meet and greet each customer. Then they were taken on a tour of the kitchen to showcase the unusual equipment and innovative techniques used at elbulli, and later the 6 hours of meal experiences were...
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