Elaine Sternberg's Views on the Importance of Business Ethics.

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Applied ethics Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Business ethics compromises of the principle and standards that guide behavior in the world of business. These principles and standards are usually set by different groups outside the business example interest group,employees,customers,legal system etc.that determine whether a business will fail/accepted by society. It evaluates business actions, whether individual or collective, in the light of their moral adequacy. When considering questions of ethics in business, there is a primary distinction to be made depending on whether attention is focused on an 'agent' or an 'action'. Do we judge the ethicality of action in terms of the intent of the moral agent, the business actor, taking into account purpose, values and priorities? If so, outcomes of action will be justifiable in terms of the ends they serve. Alternatively, and more usually, we may evaluate ethical business action in the light of its consequences for others, whether such action is motivated by duty to others, self-interest, or the rights of others. In business ethics we tended to characterize 'good' business in these latter terms, applauding those companies that demonstrate responsibility and a concern for the impact of their action on the wider community. However, Elaine Sternberg argues from a different perspective, and focuses on business as a 'moral agent', rather than on the ethicality of business practice.

Elaine Sternberg’s Views
Just Business: Business Ethics in Action by Elaine Sternberg is an unusual book on business ethics and her views are distinctive. The book provides a systematic, reasoned argument about what constitutes ethical conduct for business. Just Business is realistic both in its strong philosophical foundations, and in its appreciation and understanding of business. Based on a rigorous analysis of what business, ethics and business ethics are, Elaine Sternberg provides a powerful explanatory...
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