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Compare and Contrast Essay

In Theme for English B, Langston Hughes shows that even though the student is black and his instructor is white, they are both similar. For example, Hughes wrote, "you are white.-yet a part of me, as i am a part of you." (Mc Dougal Littell 468) Hughes is stressing that even though they have different skin colors, we are the same inside. On the other hand the writer has a completely different theme from the english B. The theme for The Writer, Richard Wilber shows that even though his daughter is typing a story she is really building her life up. The speaker listens in on his daughter typing a story and wishes her good luck on her life's journey. The poetic sound device for the English B used was rhythm. For example, " The instructor said, Go home and write a page tonight and let the page come out of you. Then it will be true." (Mc Dougal Litttell 467) Rhythm because of the mood it sets for Hughes and his instructor.

Richard Wilber uses rhythm in The Writer as well.
For example "The whole house seems to be thinking, And then she is at it again with a bunched clamor of strokes, and again is silent." (Mc Dougal Littell 469). The use of rhythm is similar to the use of rhythm in theme for English B.

The two poems also have the sound device rhyme. Hughes uses rhyme to explain the differences in himself and his instructor. For example"Nor do i often want to be a part of you but we are, thats true!" (Mc Dougal Littell 468). Rhyme is effective use of repeated sounds.

Wilbur uses rhyme to explain The Writers daughters story. An example would be " dropped like a glove to the hard floor, or the desk top." (Mc Dougal Littell 470).

However Hughes uses repetition in his poem Theme for English B. Richard Wilbur does not use this in his poem The Writer. For example Hughes uses I repeatedly. Repetition is a sound device that consists of repeated words or phrases.

The author Langston Hughes wrote The English B to compare himself...
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