El Paso Playhouse

Topics: Theatre, El Paso, Texas, Actor Pages: 5 (2205 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Lights, Camera, Action! “Someone start dressing Alice”, “Did you get your props set?”, “Don’t talk to loud, the show is about to start”, “hurry put your makeup on”, “Okay, everyone set? Open the curtains on 3… 2… 1. “Entering the Playhouse I was extremely cautious and shy, but that quickly melted away every second that passed by. Everyone was very professional at first and did not seem very dependent on me or anyone else volunteering to help, but they were friendly and always treated everyone with respect. Every day was a new and adventures experience, even though most members of the cast and crew were no longer children on the exterior, they were at heart. Once you step into the Playhouse, you automatically become part of the Playhouse family and the more time you spend there, the harder it becomes to leave. Volunteering to work there during the summer became one of the most cherished memories of my life. It is not an easy job, believe me, I swear I lost twenty pounds running all over the place, but it was a fun and educational experience. Being there helped me grow as a person and as an actress. If ever you get the chance to visit the Playhouse, I can assure you, you will not regret it, but be warned you might hear of some tales about the building being haunted, but even the ghost there are friendly. Working at the Playhouse, or any theatre for that matter, is extremely tiring. Spending all of your summer vacation working there not really having any free time, wearing out my shoes and tearing my pants from running everywhere and climbing on ladders, burning my fingers with the hot glue gun because someone “me” cannot use it, and dropping paint on my favorite shirt. I did not have any time for my friends or family or even myself, this summer vacation was like no other, it might have been tuff but it was all more satisfying. Personally, I am someone who enjoys helping out others and being around so many caring people. I had to learn how to apply actors makeup, going down two pant sizes from all the jogs I made, having to dress Alice tremendously fast in less than ten seconds. I knew I was appreciated every single time we ended rehearsal I was thanked by everyone and when everyone was getting ready to Powell being around so much positive energy made me feel important. The first day on the job was laid back and relaxed, I just sat there and watched everyone move as fast as light itself, although I did attempt to help others out all they told me was “at the moment I don’t need help”, hoping that it would not be like that every night, my wishes came true because every night I went home exhausted and worn out. My life was the Playhouse now but there was nowhere else I would rather be. Every practice was productive and everyone got what they needed to get done, but the worse feeling is watching everyone hassle over the little time that we had left, sitting there watching people yell at other people, actors crying from stress, directors screaming at everyone because actors are not moving as fast as they should, people are not in costumes, props are not set and lights are not on cue. Nothing ever went right, but like I said there was not one practice where nothing got done, but the day of the actual show was quickly commencing, and just about everyone was starting to feel butterflies in their stomachs including me. But finally the day was here, as soon as I got there, there was absolutely no time for sitting around and watching, wakeups had to be applied, props set, lights and music ready, costumes on but more importantly enough motivation to know we can do it. As we started warm-ups I noticed everyone was nervous, even the director, but deep down inside we all knew “one and done” meaning what happens, happens. And there was a moment of relaxation, a moment of pause although it was a split second you can tell everyone knew they could accomplish the impossible. As soon as warm-ups were over it was back to running like chickens...
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