El Barrio

Topics: Thought, Same-sex marriage, Mind Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Ashir Mirza
LST 303
The class has broadened my thinking process quite a bit now since the beginning of class. The Oral presentation on gentrification in El barrio has changed my outlook on how communities in the united states are being manipulated to change because of the area they live in and how that area is in need of change but not for the betterment of the people that live in that community but for the investors and other people that are trying to move in to change the demographics of that community. These kind of communities are hurt the most because sometimes the property is valued more than the culture that is being asked to step aside.

It is very hard for communities like El Barrio in Harlem and communities like Pilsen in Chicago to keep their heritage and culture alive within the communities. The new system in El barrio are systems that implement the worst type of change in my eyes because they take away the communities voice and are inconsiderate to the community leaders and their judgments and ideals. The city thinks it has a better understanding of the area rather than the actual people that live in that community. The Edison project in El Barrio has affected the community in differently, the community leaders are upset because they have lost say in how the community will function and how the school system will run but on the other hand you have residents that are welcoming the Edison project with open arms because they feel as though this new way of education will help the new generation be able to fight in a global economy. This thought process needs to be accepted by all of the community for it to work to its fullest potential. There is not much compromise for community leaders to have a say in how the new schools will be operated.

The out of classroom play that I went to was very eye opening for me. To see a women display her struggles as a transgendered women trying to make it through life was also very eye opening...
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