Topics: Employment, Economics, Supply and demand Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Cemisya Umiakulsum Asiah (10111002)
Micro Economic
1. a. The unemployment occurs if demand of labor less than supply of employee. That’s because the company want to reduce the number of labor (internal problem) or economic crisis (external problem) make the company should reduce the expenditure. One thing the company must to do to reduce the number of employee is fired and that’s becoming a unemployment occurs. if unemployment increases much, then everyone will be willing to work whatever the wage less / not commensurate with the job. 1. b. Demand of labor more than supply of employee can cause the salary of employee increase wheter thecompany will open worker enrollment.

2.The trends in % of time allocation in Japan between men and women worker is inversely. Man in Japan have a bigger number to allocated to work. They have a bigger number for personal care and sleep too. But man in Japan has the least amount of time for housework. But the women in Japan have a big number to time allocated to doing their personal care and sleep. They do housework much than man do and less working. It proved in Japan is still much descrimination between men and woman.

3. a. from the data, the growth of services always goes up and this sector is the most increasing sector. Based on my opinion, the reason why services is the most increasing sector is because services doesn’t have direct relation with tecnology so this sector never die and grow up every year 3.b. this sector doesn’t have direct relation with tecnology but it has directrelation with people, what this sector need is human resource, so this sector get more worker than others

4.a. Monopsony labor market is a market which only one buyer (provider of employment) faces many sellers (employee). For example like in Belitong, all the people in Belitong work in the timah company. 4. b. Monopoly is which only one seller faces many buyers. The differences is the subject, seller or buyer. 4.c. Oligopsony labor...
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