Einsatzgruppen: Baby Yar and Rumbula

Topics: Einsatzgruppen, Babi Yar, Germany Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: April 25, 2013
The Einsatzgruppen: Babi Yar and Rumbula

The Einsatzgruppen claims a huge portion of the deaths contributing to the genocide of an entire list of people. The act of achieving these unfathomable statistics was completed with cool precision and detachment. Through the Jager Report one can get a grasp on the how large the scale of killing was. Massacres such as Babi Yar and Rumbula testify to the precision, detachment, cruelty, and the lack of morality possessed by the Nazis.

On 1 December 1941 the Jager Report, the most precise surviving chronicle of the activities of one individual Einsatzkommando, was written by Karl Jager, commander of Einsatzkommando 3, a killing unit of Einsatzgruppen A, attached to Army Group North during Operation Barbarossa. The Jäger Report is a tally sheet of a single Einsatzgruppen division. The report kept an almost daily running total of the liquidations of 137,346 people, the vast majority Jews, from 2 July 1941 to 25 November 1941. The report documents exact dates and places of the massacres, the number of victims and their breakdown into categories ;Jews, communists, criminals, etc. In total, the Jager Report listed over one hundred executions in seventy one different locations. On 1 February 1942, Jäger updated the totals to 136,421 Jews; 46,403 men, 55,556 women and 34,464 children; 1,064 Communists, 653 mentally disabled, and one hundred thirty four others in a handwritten note for Franz Walter Stahleck. Jager prepared five copies of this report, but only one survives and is kept by the Central Lithuanian Archives in Vilnius.

The Babi Yar massacre occured on 19 September 1941 the German XXIXth German Army Corps and the 6th Army entered the city of Kiev, after a stiff Soviet defence that had lasted forty five days. Over 875,000 people lived in the city, of whom 20 percent were Jews. Perhaps 130,000 Jews fell into Nazi hands as a result. Citizens of the town who remembered the last german occupation, 1918 in WWI,...
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