Eight Step to Integrity

Topics: Management, Integrity, Virtue Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: March 26, 2013

Eight Steps toward Integrity
The eight steps toward integrity are very important when working in a business in this situation they can be used very wisely. The eight steps are doing what we say we will do: It includes keeping promises and meeting deadlines. Doing the right thing: With the awareness of what’s right comes the obligation of right action. Taking responsibility: Acknowledge our complete, sole responsibility for every one of our actions. Supporting our own weight: This means functioning as a whole, being able to support all the elements of our own lives. Defining the rules and values: Explicit agreement about these basics enables groups of people, from couples to business organizations to nations, to benefit from the integrity of members. Checking the mirror: Is when we err—as we will, again and again—the best response is to pause for reflection obscure the big picture. Respecting others: Invoke integrity in other people by treating them with respect—even when they do not live up to our expectations. Holistic thinking: Since integrity is a quality of wholeness, an appreciation of wholeness in the world supports its practice. Delman and the location managers have many of the eight steps that apply to them in this situation Frist, Doing what they say they will do. Delman and the Manages need to be true to their word. If they are going to tell the government inspector that they provide the food for his department holiday party that exactly what they need to do. There is no need for the team to go back on their word. Second, doing the right thing if the law tells the team that things in the business need to be changed because of the new local health codes that are what Delman and the mangers should do. Doing the right thing is not hard to do it is a person just having the willing heart and mind to do so that’s all it takes. Third, Taking Reasonability that what Delman need to do he has to realize he has to make the changes in the...
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