EIA Case Study: A Comparison of Two EIA Reports

Topics: Air pollution, Environmental impact assessment, Construction Pages: 26 (8346 words) Published: November 28, 2012
EIA Case Study: A comparison of two EIA reports|
1. Environmental Impact Assessment Report of Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point and Associated Works, Agreement No. CE 45/2008 (CE). 2. Environmental Impact Assessment Report of Shatin to Central Link– Mong Kok East to Hung Hom Section, Agreement No. NEX/2213| |


1. Introduction4
2. How are the Two Projects compared4
3. Description of the Case Studies5
3.1 EIA Report 1: “Shatin to Central Link-Mong Kok East to Hung Hom Section”5
3.1.1 Project Background5
3.1.2 Construction Involved5
3.1.3 Projects call for the assessment of EIAO5
3.1.4 Scope of the EIA study7
3.1.5 Conclusion of the EIA report after mitigation7
3.2 EIA Report 2: “Liantang Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point and Associated Works”7
3.2.1 Project Background7
3.2.2 Construction Involved7
3.2.3 Projects call for the assessment of EIAO8
3.2.4 Scope of the EIA study9
3.2.5 Conclusion of the EIA report after mitigation9
4. Comparison of the Case studies9
4.1 Noise Impact Assessment9
4.1.1 General Review of the project9
4.1.2 Environmental Legislation, Standards and Guidelines10
4.1.3 Description of environment, NSRs.11
4.1.4 The Main Parts of Noise Impact Assessment11
4.2Air Impact Assessment13
4.2.1 General Review of the project13
4.2.2 Procurement of relevant laws, regulations and pollutant emission standards14
4.2.3 Background air pollutants concentrations adopted in Projects15
4.2.4 Potential source of Impact and Assessment methodology16
4.2.5 Prediction Mitigation and Evaluation of Environmental Impact17
4.3 Water Impact Assessment18
4.3.1 General Review of the project18
4.3.2 Environmental Legislation, Standards and Guidelines18
4.3.3 Prediction and Evaluation of Impacts18
4.3.4 Water Quality Mitigation Measures19
5. What do the Case Studies Highlight from the Two EIA report20
5.1 Public Participation in the Projects20
5.2 3-D EIA21
6. Conclusion and future application of the Cases22

1. Introduction
The EIA have long-term existing in Hong Kong. After the 1979, the EIA entered into the “systematic application of an administrative system”. An EIA Bill, which would have allowed EIA to become a statutory requirement, was approved by the Government in 1997. After that, the EIA continuely developed rapidly in the next 15 years and became a fundamental and vital imperative part in every project as long as public and government would concern about.

An EIA is a creative process addressing the diverse challenges of very different projects in often very different environments around the world. The objective of all the EIA is to control, contain, minimize, and even remove a development activity’s potential negative impacts on the environment.

This report selects two EIA reports which were approved in the recent two years to make a comparison on their different technical approaches, methods, and assessment results so that to review the current development of EIA discipline. How the two projects are compared will be introduced first. The main content with respect of comparison on noise impact assessment, air impact assessment and water impact assessment follows. Subsequently, the report would like to mention some valuable elements discovery during the comparison. These messages will be organized in “What do the case studies highlight from the two report part”. Finally, the report ends up in a conclusion and some implication for the future EIA. 2. How are the Two Projects compared

In this Case Study paper, an introduction to the whole EIA procedures (includes the characteristic of the projects, the traits for EIA focus on and scope of different disciplines of assessment, the relevant mitigation methods, etc) will be first displayed based on a combination review of Executive brief,...
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