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Jordan McClellan
Teaching Individual and Dual Sports
Goalkeeper Punting
The goalkeeper in soccer is a unique player on the field because is the only player allowed to use their hands during the game. After the goalkeeper has used his hands in the box he can punt the ball but has to be inside the 18 yard box. Punting is one of the most important skills performed by a goalkeeper because it is one of the actions performed in order to restart the ball into play. The goalkeeper should hold the ball with the opposite hand of the foot he intends to kick with. This means right-footed goalkeepers should hold the ball with left hand and vice-versa. It is important for the goalkeeper to keep his eyes on the ball through the entire range of motion. The goalkeeper should stand tall with shoulders back and head up.

There are three main types of punting, and the drills based on punting. The Punt – This is the most common kick used by goalkeepers. Punting get distance down the field. However, a punt usually goes high in the air and is often easily intercepted by the opponent’s defense. The Drop-Kick- Has a much lower flight than the punt. Because of the ball’s lower trajectory, forwards have a better chance of controlling and keeping the ball from the opponent. The Sidewinder – Is more like a side volley. It is mainly used as a counterattacking kick when a quick and direct route to an attacking teammate up field is needed. Drill 01 - Dividing the classes into individuals and allow each person to have a ball and they will stand in front of a soccer net and they will punt into the net and repeat. Drill 02 – The class will be divided into pairs of two. The two people will stand 10 yards away from each other and they will punt the ball to each other practicing the technique. Game – For this game you are going to need pairs and it is going to almost like golf because you are going to have a partner and you have a certain amount of kicks (strokes) to be able...
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