Eharmnoy Case Study

Topics: Online dating service, Dating, Dating system Pages: 5 (1376 words) Published: November 23, 2012
eHarmony is an online personal site targeted marriage-minded individuals and offered a unique product, which combined an extensive relationship questionnaire, a patented matching system and a guided communication system. “eHarmony made its mark in the online dating landscape by establishing its brand as the site for the serious relationship seeker, particularly women”(Gabby). eHarmony is a well established company that “launched in August 2000 with $3 million in funding and grew into a rumored $100 Million, highly profitable company in less than 5 years”(Gabby). eHarmony is one of the first dating sites to succeed in providing good matches.

Situational Analysis
eHarmony’s existing customers are online users are both men and women that range from the age groups of 18 all the way up to 87, but the fastest growing group right now is men and women ages 35-55. Another fact of Internet data is that regardless of gender, age, or race the majority of serious Internet daters earn at least 50K per year”( eHarmony is a safe and easy way to date without having to go out. eHarmony is an excellent way to explore ones options with an unlimited amount of choices. eHarmony’s competitors are the do yourself site which are, Yahoo! the personals and Other competitors consist of, Chemistry, heterosexual sites, African American sites, faith-based sites and online social networks that are a threat to eHarmony such as Facebook, and MySpace. Consumers of eHarmony look for a site that bases upon personality rather than how an individual looks. eHarmony chooses the perfect match based upon personality traits, which is why consumers truly enjoy this site. The economic conditions that eHarmony faces during these hard economic times is that consumers have to pay a fee to become a member. The fee makes it harder for consumers who are not doing very well during the recession.

|Strengths: |Opportunities: | |Memberships |Gay and Lesbian market | |Patent compatibility test |Divorce | |Advertising formulas |Casual daters | |Guided communications |Global Expansion | | | | | | | | | | |Weaknesses: |Threats: | |Doesn’t offer gay and lesbian services |Online social networks | |eHarmony only operates in the US |Competition | |Lengthy Questionnaire |Free dating services | | | | | | |

eHarmony has much strength in its...
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