Egyptians Contribution to Society

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The world would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the Egyptians. This civilization is the oldest and most influential of the world’s civilizations. Their contributions to the human knowledge, invention, and scientific discoveries influenced every nation and every age. They have introduced to the world many things like the calendar, glass, paper and ink, the clock, refinement of dress and ornament. Some of the most essential to todays society; geometry and the alphabet, a new form of architecture, farms and new improvements to agriculture, organized education system through temples and one of the most important, the first organized government. These new ideas, discoveries and inventions were extremely important, but how they evolved and led to new and more complex ideas and inventions its what’s imperative to our society today.

The Egyptians established a form of writing known as hieroglyphics. As Massey explains, hieroglyphics was a style of writing, which incorporated the three characters of pictographic, syllabic and alphabetic. Both pictographic and syllabic characters where primarily established within Sumerian cuneiform. It was later that the Egyptians combined the Sumerian cuneiform along with an alphabetic system all into one that became the rough foundation for what is now known as the modern day alphabet. (1907) The hieroglyphics were the basis for which all civilized alphabetic systems are founded upon. Once a form of writing was established it was necessary for them to be able to keep their scripts and scrolls. The Egyptians needed something not only light and easily available to write on, but also needed to be easily storable. This is where the paper comes to be. Three lasting contributions of the Egyptians was the development of a system of constellations, the 24 hours division of the days and the year of the 365 days. Egyptians had already developed a calendar. Some stone circles showed that they were accomplished at marking time....
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