Egyptians Contribution

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Egyptians contribution

Egyptians had a lot of contributions to the development of pottery. Communities around the central Nile Valley made use of the quality clay that existed along the river First of all, pottery was produced by the ancient Egyptians for basic use like we use containers or plastic. Today, they are finding more evidence of Egypt’s influence in the region by pot shards. The pottery of Egypt was of a fine quality compare to others. The pieces who where created were very lustrous and with black sections due to firing. Also, the potter’s wheel was created in Egypt; at first it was only a turning table but then became a potter’s wheel who then required a better preparation of the clay and also more control during the firing process. Those potter’s wheel where not electronic yet. They needed someone to hand turn them. The potter’s wheel allowed pottery to be made in more abundance but did not replace the other forms of pottery making. For example, bread moulds continued to be hand made around a core known as a patrix. Egyptian pottery can be divided into two categories dependent on the type of clay that was used. The most common pottery is made by a clay named Nile clay most known as Nile silt ware; who after being fired has a red/brown color. This pottery was used for common purposes though at times it might have been decorated or painted. At first they were not very creative and had no shape (curves) in their pots but after a couple of years they started with some designs, glaze and colors, shapes to make the pot look better. Later on the simple wheel was introduce to Egypt and from then bowls and vessels were constructed, reflecting the Bronze Era. Egyptian stone masons typically worked with many different types of material such as limestone, granite, alabaster, and others. They were capable of developing everything from a simple stone cup to an alabaster obelisk several stories in height.
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