Egyptian Slave Life

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  • Published : August 10, 2010
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Do you know the life of a slave? You just probably don’t know about ancient slaves. You don’t know my story. They way I and many others were treated. The physical and mental pain that I took. The Egyptian slave life is one of the most brutal lives that even some of the strongest men can’t handle. My name is Tony and this is my story. It all started back on May 14th, 1432 BC, Alexander, my brother, and I was walking to the city of Akhenaten. Alexander and I were both doctors. The pharaoh’s wife was sick and required immediate medical attention. Once we arrived to Akhenaten, we were rushed to the wife. She had been bitten by a very deadly scorpion. We tried everything we could, but it was too late. The pharaoh was not pleased and he struck at Alexander. Alexander’s instincts took over and he struck back. I couldn’t believe it, the pharaoh told me to take my brother out, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know what to do so I ran. I didn’t get very far; I was caught by one of the pharaoh’s soldiers. The date is May 16th; it was the day that my brother was getting hung. Everyone knew that the assault of the pharaoh was automatic death, and unfortunately Alexander had to be an example. I also had consequences, because I didn’t obey the pharaoh. I had to become a slave. May 17th, the soldiers came to get me. I was taken to a field and I looked around; I saw people carrying stones, people getting whipped and even people dying of dehydration. I was forced to strip naked and go work immediately. My job was to carry the large and heavy stones from one location to another. I was doing well, but without water it was not possible. My knee started to shake and I fell. The soldier took out his whip and struck me across the back. The pain was worse than anything that I could imagine. I worked until the sun was down. As months pass by, I don’t regret for not helping the pharaoh. I know what I did was right. Today was a little special, because I met an old friend, Garmon. Slaves...
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